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SAT Math Small Group Class


Are you a parent who has a son or daughter that is trying to study for the math section of the SAT, but they have no idea where to start? Are they worried about the new format on the digital SAT? As a full-time math and physics tutor, I have created an online class specifically designed to tackle the math section of the digital SAT.

Class Details

  • Small class size of 3-5 students

  • 20 hours of live instruction using Zoom

  • Comprehensive review of all math topics covered on the SAT and discussion about how the digital SAT is structured

  • Test prep using material from Khan Academy, which has a direct partnership with the College Board (creators of the test)

  • Test taking strategies designed for the digital SAT, including how to solve problems quickly using the onscreen calculator/graphing tool that is provided during the test

  • Video recordings of all classes for students to refer back to

  • Weekly practice problems for students to complete outside of class

Class Schedule: June 18-August 20, 1:30-3:30 pm on Tuesdays

Cost: $699 ($34.95 per hour of instruction)


If you refer another student to the class you will receive $100 off!

Note: This class is designed for students taking the SAT on August 24, 2024. If your child is planning to take the SAT at a later date, feel free to contact me and I can reserve a spot for a future class.

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