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5 Essential Benefits of Summer Tutoring

Are you thinking about tutoring for your child during the summer months? Maybe you’re considering it, but you’d like to know if it’s worth it.

Here are 5 key benefits of summer tutoring:

1. Get Ahead

Is your child going to take a difficult math class next year and you’re worried that they won’t excel? Summer tutoring can help them get a head start so that they don't fall behind. If they start tutoring in June and meet for a one hour session once or twice a week this can allow them to get the basics down for a middle school or high school level math course. When they start the new year they’ll actually know what their teacher is talking about when they put that dreaded math equation on the board. This head start can allow them to get better grades and have much more confidence in their math abilities. This confidence will not only enable them to excel in their math class for the coming year, but also do well in math classes in the future. Confidence is key!

2. Retain Information

Maybe you’d like your child to study over the summer to keep things fresh. Over the 3 months of summer vacation, the things they learned in the past year can be easily forgotten. In fact, according to Education Week, a K-12 education news organization, “two-thirds of teachers polled in a recent survey said they spend at least a month reteaching students old material when they return from summer vacation.” Math is cumulative so forgetting information from the past year can greatly affect a student’s performance for the upcoming year. Tutoring once or twice a week will allow the student to go over material they have learned from the previous year so that concepts are not forgotten. They can also work on areas that they feel weak in so they are well prepared for their math class for the upcoming year and don’t begin the class with any deficiencies.

3. Create Structure

The summer can be a great time for your child to relax, do fun activities, and enjoy time with their friends. Unfortunately, once the end of August approaches they will still be in their summer routine (or lack thereof) and will have to adjust to the new school year. Tutoring for a couple hours per week or even just one hour per week can create the structure that your child needs for the upcoming year. Having the routine that comes along with summer tutoring can not only improve their academic abilities, but also improve their work ethic and problem solving skills. These skills will help them in their every day life and actually make their summer better or more fulfilling.

4. Study for the SAT

Since your child will probably have more free time in the summer it may be a good time for them to study for the SAT. During the school year, studying for the SAT can be difficult because they have their regular school work, after-school activities, sports obligations, etc. Planning to study for the SAT during the summer and taking the test at the end of August can ensure that they have ample time to focus on the test. Instead of signing up for an SAT class where your child is one of 20 or 30 students and not given individual attention or feedback, it might be better to consider private tutoring. Tutoring can be the most beneficial way to study for the SAT because it allows one-on-one interaction and your child’s lessons can be tailored to their specific needs and abilities. The tutor can move at whatever pace your child desires and focus on the material they are particularly struggling with. For tips on how to effectively study for the SAT, check out my blog post Can You Really Study for the SAT?.

5. Learn for the Sake of Learning

Maybe math comes easy to your child, but they have a desire to continue to learn over the summer. They may want to learn math outside of the classroom or study a math topic that’s not offered at their school. Personalized tutoring can help facilitate your child’s curiosity and allow them to learn new math skills. It can also allow them to learn how mathematics is used in the real world, such as calculating the discounted price of clothing, figuring out the load that a building can withstand without collapsing, or creating the physics engine in a video game. If your child wants to learn it is important to facilitate their thirst for knowledge and help them build a better future for themselves and the world around them.

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