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Frequently Asked Questions

How does group tutoring work?

If you have a friend or several friends in the same math or physics class or you know other students taking the SAT on the same date, then group tutoring can be a great way to learn at a highly affordable price. Similar to individual tutoring, group tutoring is conducted online using Zoom and the online whiteboard BitPaper.


Before each session, I will ask a member of the group to send me the material they would like to cover during the session. This allows me to look over the material beforehand and be well prepared for each session. If the students do not have work to go over or they would like supplementary material, then I will provide material for the session.


I will check to see if any students have questions throughout the session to make sure that each student is understanding the material and everyone is on the same page. I will also ask students questions periodically to test their understanding and I will encourage them to participate to make sure they get the most out of the tutoring session.

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