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Course FAQ

Why was this course created?

I know this is long but it's worth reading! College Physics 1 can be a very difficult subject for many students and usually requires a lot of time and effort to master. Unfortunately, many students are not given adequate class time to learn the material and their performance in the course may depend significantly on how good their professor or TA is. When students get stuck on a physics problem or concept and they aren't able to approach their professor or TA many students will go to youtube and search for a similar problem or go to Chegg to see if that particular problem has been answered by someone else. Sometimes they may be able to find the solution to that problem, but the main issue with using youtube videos and Chegg is that these methods of learning lack structure. A student may be just searching for answers when the problem is that they don't have a clear understanding of the concepts. 

That's where this course comes in! For this course, I first thoroughly go over the concepts of a topic so that the student has a firm foundation. Then, I proceed by going through example problems to help strengthen and build on this foundation. The problems for each topic will generally increase in difficulty (if there are 3 examples for a particular topic example 3 will be more difficult than example 1). This allows the student to naturally progress through the material and not be weighed down by coming across a difficult problem. I also go through all the topics covered in a calculus-based College Physics 1 class in the order most students learn them so that there are no gaps in their understanding. 

Although most of this course is not free like youtube or only $14.95/month like Chegg (or free if you use a friend's account) it still has a very low cost compared to private tutoring and saves you the hassle of searching for solutions without gaining the foundational knowledge you need to succeed in physics. As a private tutor, I have a great track record of helping students succeed in their College Physics 1 class and this course is designed to provide the same knowledge that my students gain, but for a much lower cost. If you're tired of not learning from your professor and frantically searching for problems on youtube or Chegg then this course is for you!

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