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If you’ve found my website chances are you’re a student who struggles with math or physics or you’re a parent who has a son or daughter that could really use some help. Maybe you've tried to get extra help from the teacher or professor, but nothing seems to work. I reached a stumbling block when I took calculus and physics for the first time, but with hard work, perseverance, and the help of a great teacher I was able to succeed. I went on to earn a master's degree in physics and then became a full-time math and physics tutor (read more on My Story page). I know what it's like to struggle with these subjects and what it takes to overcome them.


-Chris DiMenichi

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Success Story


"Chris is smart. Really smart. He has full command of the subjects he is tutoring in. Chris can easily compute the most difficult of math problems on the spot, live on camera, while teaching techniques and rules which my child was able to comprehend and learn quickly.

Chris has the right demeanor to quickly develop a rapport of mutual respect with the individual he is tutoring. He always begins with complimenting the positive and then correcting the mistake. In this way, he does not discourage an individual from trying and instead promotes the self-confidence needed for success.

Chris’s combination of intelligence and modesty are rare. Those qualities are what make his tutoring so successful. My Honors student who had previously achieved A’s in math had two terrible test grades after suffering from coronavirus in March. Under Chris’s tutelage my child excelled and attained test grades of 97, 99, and 94.6 in a difficult class taught by a notoriously difficult teacher. Remarkably, Chris accomplished that turn around in a month.

We are forever grateful for Chris. We are beyond satisfied with our experience with Chris. I highly recommend Chris. We will be using him again."

Lisa Villani (Mom of Student)

Bethlehem, PA

Algebra 2 (Online Tutoring)

Video Testimonial

Vera Riley (Student)
Stafford, VA

College Physics 1 (Online Tutoring)


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If you're interested in setting up a tutoring session or have additional questions feel free to contact me using the form below or I can be reached at 610-984-3743.



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